The Board is responsible for the governance of the Company and oversees its operational and financial performance. It sets strategic direction, establishes goals for management and assesses the achievement of those goals, determines the appropriate risk profile and monitors compliance in terms of regulatory and ethical standards. 

The Company has adopted systems of control and accountability appropriate for the current size and nature of the Company’s current business activities as the basis for the administration of corporate governance. The Board is committed to administering the Company’s policies and procedures with openness and integrity, pursuing the true spirit of corporate governance.







NickelSearch governance polices


    Corporate Governance Statement

    Corporate Code of Conduct

    Continuous Disclosure

    Board Charter

    Diversity Policy

    Risk Management

    Shareholder Communication Strategy

    Performance Evaluation

    Remuneration Committee Charter

    Audit & Risk Committee Charter

    Nomination Committee Charter

    Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy

    Trading Policy

    Whistleblower Policy


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