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19 DECEMBER 2023
2023 Review of NickelSearch’s Activities

12 DECEMBER 2023
The Market Bull: NickelSearch Limited Unveils Major Lithium Strategic Expansion in WA’s Ravensthorpe District

31 OCTOBER 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch to explore 28 new areas of lithium interest at Carlingup

16 OCTOBER 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch thrilled with over 5% lithium oxide in samples

Proactive: NickelSearch identifies visible spodumene at Carlingup

Proactive: NickelSearch rockets on Allkem collaboration

28 AUGUST 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch confirms massive nickel sulphides at Sexton

07 AUGUST 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch encouraged by new survey results at Sexton

31 JULY 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch MD outlines upcoming exploration at Carlingup

27 JULY 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch boosts nickel prospectivity at B1

16 JULY 2023
Chanel 7: Runners of the week.


13 JULY 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch sees more massive sulphides at Sexton.


14 JUNE 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch massive sulphide mineralisation at Sexton.


06 JUNE 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch diamond drilling high-priority Carlingup targets.


26 MAY 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch Limited Carlingup’s regional potential following B1 nickel hits.


26 MAY 2023
NickelSearch Limited (ASX:NIS) Company Update with MD Nicole Duncan | May 2023


25 MAY 2023
NickelSearch Limited (ASX:NIS) Sydney Resources Round-Up Q&A


10 MAY 2023
RIU Sydney Resources Round-Up – Investor Presentation


10 MAY 2023
RIU Sydney Resources Round-Up – Nicole Duncan, Managing Director, NickelSearch


03 MAY 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch to raise $2.4 Million to advance nickel and lithium exploration.


27 APRIL 2023
Proactive: RC drilling at Carlingup’s Greenfield targets.


05 APRIL 2023
Proactive: MD talks lithium and base metals potential at Carlingup.


30 MARCH 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch highlights upgrade to Carlingup nickel sulphide indicated resources.


22 MARCH 2023
Stockhead: 90 Seconds update and recent news with NickelSearch’s MD, Nicole Duncan.


22 MARCH 2023
NickelSearch’s Battery Minerals investor presentation: Targeting nickel sulphides at depth


14 MARCH 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch says Sexton has potential to be significant discovery


22 FEBRUARY 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch lauds discovery potential at Sexton nickel target


21 FEBRUARY 2023
Proactive podcast: NickelSearch results show potential for significant nickel discovery.


06 FEBRUARY 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch zeros-in on Nickel targets with soil sampling at Carlingup


19 JANUARY 2023
Nicole Duncan, Managing Director of NickelSearch.


16 DECEMBER 2022
Stockhead interviews Nicole Duncan: year 2022 in review with NickelSearch.


12 DECEMBER 2022
Proactive interviews Nicole Duncan: NIS upbeat on strong new DHEM targets at Javelin


25 NOVEMBER 2022
Investability Interviews NickelSearch’s Managing Director, Nicole Duncan


10 NOVEMBER 2022
Investability Interviews NickelSearch’s Andy Pearce


18 OCTOBER 2022
NickelSearch kicks off drilling nickel sulphide targets at Carlingup


05 OCTOBER 2022
Australian Nickel Conference 2022 – Nicole Duncan, Managing Director


Interview with NickelSearch’s Managing Director, Nicole Duncan


Interview with NickelSearch’s Managing Director, Nicole Duncan


5 AUGUST 2022
NickelSearch presentation at Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum, 2022 by Managing Director, Nicole Duncan.


17 MARCH 2022
Investability’s Annabel Munro webinar with NickelSearch’s (ASX: NIS) Managing Director Nicole Duncan to discuss NIS’ strategy for 2022.


30 NOVEMBER 2021
NickelSearch hits the ground running at Carlingup intersecting sulphide mieralisation


18 OCTOBER 2021
NickelSearch Limited’s ASX Listing day webinar.


7 OCTOBER 2021
NickelSearch Ltd’s Craig Moulton introduces the explorer to Proactive’s Andrew Scott ahead of its listing on the ASX.


5 OCTOBER 2021
Australian Nickel Conference 2021 –  Presentation by NickelSearch Ltd’s Craig Moulton 


Stockbox -A new nickel focussed Australian explorer, NickelSearch, due to IPO soon.


31 AUGUST 2021
Investability interviews NickelSearch Limited’s Managing Director Graig Moulton.




     13 February 2024

NickelSearch Confirms Eight New Drill-Worthy LCT Anomalies

     13 February 2024

NickelSearch (ASX:NIS) discovers new lithium-rich areas in Carlingup Project

     13 February 2024

NickelSearch Confirms Eight New Drill-Worthy LCT Anomalies

     13 February 2024

NickelSearch’s shopping list of lithium targets at Carlingup keeps getting longer

     25 January 2024

NickelSearch outlines new Carlingup lithium targets

     24 January 2024

NickelSearch (ASX:NIS) plans lithium drill program for newly identified targets in Western Australia

     16 January 2024

NickelSearch closing in on Carlingup’s lithium prospectivity

     24 January 2024

NickelSearch’s basket is full of lithium drill targets at Carlingup

     24 January 2024

NickelSearch (ASX:NIS) plans lithium drill program for newly identified targets in Western Australia

     16 January 2024

NickelSearch closing in on Carlingup’s lithium prospectivity

     15 January 2024

NickelSearch (ASX:NIS) discovers lithium potential at Carlingup Project

     15 January 2024

NickelSearch Unveils Significant LCT Pegmatite Anomalies at Carlingup Project

     12 January 2024

What’s in store for 2024: NickelSearch

     12 December 2023

NickelSearch broadens its lithium horizons with five new licences down the road from Carlingup and Mt Cattlin

     8 December 2023

How dinnertime discussions gave NickelSearch’s MD an appetite for mining

     21 November 2023

NickelSearch and Allkem look deeper into Carlingup’s lithium prospectivity

     31 October 2023

NickelSearch looks for more lithium in WA

     30 October 2023

NickelSearch, Allkem have a ridiculous number of lithium targets to test at Carlingup

     30 October 2023

NickelSearch identifies 28 new lithium areas of interest at Carlingup in Western Australia

     26 October 2023

NickelSearch to begin lithium mapping and sampling at Carlingup next month

     26 October 2023

Allkem-backed NickelSearch to kick off lithium exploration at Carlingup next month

     16 October 2023

Proactive NickelSearch shares higher as it confirms high-grade lithium up to 5.19% in pegmatites at Carlingup

     16 October 2023

Stockhead Eyewatering Grades: NickelSearch reports over 5% lithium from Carlingup grab samples

     9 October 2023

Stockhead The lithium stocks waiting for the sun to shine… on nickel

     6 October 2023

Stockhead Rise and Shine: Everything you need to know before the ASX opens

     26 September 2023 NickelSearch surges on spodumene sampling

     26 September 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch surges on identifying spodumene-bearing pegmatites at Carlingup

     26 September 2023

Stockhead: NickelSearch, major miner Allkem spot visual spodumene in Carlingup lithium hunt

     26 September 2023

Stockhead: Resources Top 5: The Search for Spod – NIS makes bold progress on its WA lithium hunt

     26 September 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch identifies visible spodumene at Carlingup

     20 September 2023

The West Australian: Australia must seize critical minerals opportunities with allied nations, say future-facing metals bosses

     17 September 2023

Bulls N Bears: NickelSearch defies name to join lithium success trail

     14 September 2023

Stockhead: 90 Seconds With… Nicole Duncan, NickelSearch (ASX:NIS)

     12 September 2023

The Market Herald: NickelSearch (ASX:NIS) teams up with Allkem (ASX:AKE) to assess Carlinup lithium potential

     12 September 2023

Stockhead: Rise and Shine: Everything you need to know before the ASX opens

     12 September 2023

Mining Weekly: NickelSearch and Allkem hunt for lithium

     12 September 2023 NickelSearch and Allkem ink collaboration agreement

     12 September 2023

Stockhead: Resources Top 5: NickelSearch busts a 100pc move thanks to lithium gun Allkem; James Bay Minerals arrives

     12 September 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch and Allkem collaborate to assess lithium potential at Carlingup

     12 September 2023

Stockhead: Top 10 at 11: This morning’s early gains are brought to you by lithium, nickel and… almonds.

     12 September 2023 NickelSearch gets Allkem support for lithium search

     28 August 2023

Stockhead: NickelSearch dials in on main source at Sexton with massive sulphide hits

     28 August 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch confirms massive nickel sulphide discovery at Carlingup’s Sexton Prospect

     25 August 2023

Stockhead: ASX juniors are feeding off nearology to WA’s nickel producing hotspots

     09 August 2023

The Market Herald: Kalgoorlie SUPER PITch event: Five minutes to sell a story

     08 August 2023

The Market Herald: NickelSearch (ASX:NIS): Nickel explorer looking to find “much, much more

     08 August 2023

Stockhead Explorers Podcast: NickelSearch intersects massive sulphide mineralisation at Sexton prospect

     07 August 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch encouraged by new survey results at Sexton

      07 August 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch’s DHEM survey extends Sexton nickel mineralisation beyond model

      27 July 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch expands nickel footprint at Carlingup’s B1 prospect with 40 metres of disseminated sulphide observed

     16 July 2023
The West Australian: ASX runners of the week

     12 July 2023
Mining News: Mining Briefs Updates from International Graphite, NickelSearch, Everest, Heavy, Aruma and more

     12 July 2023
The Assay: NickelSearch Extends Massive Nickel Sulphide

     12 July 2023
Stockhead: Resources Top 4: Nickel hunter goes massive, Explorer of the Week drills into ‘DeGrussa style’ system

     12 July 2023
Stockhead: NickelSearch’s Sexton prospect keeps growing with assay results to come

     12 July 2023
Finance News Network: Stocks of the Hour: Heavy Rare Earths, NickelSearch, Red Mountain Mining

     12 July 2023
Investing News Network: Smart News

     12 July 2023
Stockhead: Top 10 at 10: NickelSearch up 75pc after nickel sulphide mineralisation extended at Sexton

     12 July 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch doubles on observing massive nickel sulphide mineralisation at Carlingup’s Sexton Prospect

     14 June 2023
Finance News Network : Stocks of the Hour: Golden Mile Resources, NickelSearch, Encounter Resources.

     14 June 2023
Stockhead : NickelSearch’s first Sexton drill hole intersects deeper visual sulphide’s

     14 June 2023 NickelSearch gears up for further drilling at Carlingup Project, WA

     14 June 2023
Stockhead: In case you missed it: Nickel hits, Canadian lithium and some more nickel

     14 June 2023
Stockhead: Market Highlights: ASX set to rise modestly, while US CPI data adds weight to rate hike pause by the Fed

     14 June 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch extends drilling hot streak at Carlingup’s Sexton

     13 June 2023
Stockhead: NickelSearch spots visual sulphide in diamond core at Carlingup

     13 June 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch hits visual nickel sulphide in diamond drilling at Carlingup’s Sexton prospect

     06 June 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch readies for diamond drilling at high priority at Carlingup sulphide targets

     06 June 2023
Stockhead: NickelSearch drilling to test a potentially rich conductor at Carlingup

     26 May 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch lauds Carlingup’s regional potential following B1 nickel hits

     26 May 2023
Stockhead: NickelSearch dream of complementing of Carlingup’s Nickel resources is coming true

     25 May 2023
Mining News: NickelSearch confirms and extends Mineralisation at 2 targets with the Carlingup project WA

     25 May 2023
Proactive: NickelSearch intercepts nickel sulphides in maiden B1 target drilling at Carlingup

     05 May 2023
Stockhead: NickelSearch ready to build on Carlingup nickel and lithium growth story with $2.4M entitlement offer

     03 May 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch launches fully underwritten $2.4 million rights issue to fund nickel and lithium exploration

     27 April 2023

Stockhead: NickelSearch drilling progressing hunt for more nickel sulphides at Carlingup

     27 April 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch gets cracking with RD drilling at Carlingup’s Greenfields targets.

     27 April 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch Ltd adds $220,000 in EIS co-funding to war chest for Carlingup exploration

     18 April 2023

NickelSearch: Grant Funding to Advance Nickel Exploration

     05 April 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch identifies lithium and base metals potential at Carlingup Project in WA

     05 April 2023

Stockhead: Lithium, cooper, and more join the list of potential prizes at NickelSearch’s Carlingup project

     30 March 2023

Stockhead: NickelSearch ramps up indicated nickel sulphide resources in a huge step at Carlingup Project

     20 March 2023

Stockhead: NickelSearch finds anomaly at Carlingup ahead of maiden drilling

     14 March 2023

Stockhead: NickelSearch flags nickel sulphides at Sexton target

     14 March 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch hits Nickel-bearing massive sulphides in every hole at Carlingup’s Sexton project

     21 February 2023

Stockhead: NickelSearch gets confidence boost at Carlingup with DHEM survey results

     21 February 2023

Proactive: NickelSearch results shows potential for significant nickel discovery

    02 February 2023

Stockhead: NickelSearch hits massive sulphides in Carlingup nickel drilling with assays on the way

    19 December 2022

Proactive: NickelSearch starts high-priority drill testing at Carlingup Nickel Sulphide Project.

    15 December 2022

The Australian: Downhole conductors light up like a Christmas tree as NickelSearch hunts nickel sulphides at Javelin.

    22 November 2022

Nickelsearch (ASX: NIS) is incredibly proud to announce that our very own Tamsin Senders (nee Williams) has been recognised as one of Women In Mining UK (WIM UK) “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining”.

    17 November 2022

The West Australian: Nickel Search’s Nicole Duncan reveals why Angela Merkel would be a top dinner guest pick

    10 November 2022

 Proactive: NickelSearch details ‘exceptional’ Metallurgical test results at Carlingup Nickel Project

     09 November 2022
Stockhead: Ore sorting is proving a winner for NickelSearch’s Carlingup project

     09 November 2022
Proactive: NickelSearch delivers ‘exceptional’ Metallurgical test results at Carlingup Nickel Project

    31 October 2022
NickelSearch expands high-priority nickel sulphide targets at Carlingup in September quarter

    18 October 2022
NickelSearch has its sights set on nickel sulphides at Carlingup

    11 October 2022
Stockhead: Barry Fitzgerald – Three nickel juniors that are bigger than their value suggests… and with a ting of green

    10 October 2022
PayDirt: NickelSearch engine gets cranking

    21 September 2022
Stockhead: NickelSearch adds more greenfields targets to already substantial portfolio at Carlingup

    21 September 2022
Stockhead: NickelSearch uncovers new greenfield nickel sulphide targets at Carlingup; drill campaign to start in Q4

    07 September 2022 Vale sees 44% increase in global nickel demand by 2030

    16 August 2022
ABC News: About 50kg of nickel goes into each Tesla battery but the world isn’t producing enough to keep up with demand

    11 August 2022
ABC News: Andrew Forrest’s FMG lodges mining applications in WA’s south

    04 August 2022
Stockhead: The IEA says we need hundreds of new mines ASAP to meet EV battery metals demand by 2030

    28 JUL 2022
Stockhead: Battery metals FY2023

    22 JUL 2022
Stockhead: It looks like nickel is back to its normal, bargain buy self

    18 JUL 2022
Proactive: NickelSearch bolsters technical and management team with new appointments

    01 JUL 2022
True Width: Nicole Duncan on Leading great people to even greater depths

    04 FEB 2022
The right stuff: NickelSearch Carlingup project poised for take-off

    08 DEC 2021
NickelSearch Adds new MD to highly experienced team

    18 OCT 2021
Steady start as NickelSearch starts nickel search

    01 SEP 2021
NickelSearch opens $10M IPO

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